[Pre-order] Photocard Acrylic Clear Frame


[Pre-order] Photocard Acrylic Clear Frame

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Pre-Order Open. Est Delivery date Jan 04.

Been looking for the perfect frame to showcase your favorite photocards. We’ve got you covered. The frame can be displayed horizontal or vertical. It fits photocards 55x85mm (photocard slot 60x90mm).

The photocard should be sleeved if using it with this frame.

Instruction: Remove protective film on both sides before assemble the frame.

Material: Acrylic


4PCs: 4.7x12x0.3″ (12x31x0.7cm)

5PCs: 4.7×14.5×0.3″ (12x37x0.7cm)

6PCs: 8.6×9.5×0.3″ (22x24x0.7cm)

7/8PCs: 9.5x12x0.3″ (24x31x0.7cm)

9PCs: 12x9.5×0.3″ (31x24x0.7cm)

10PCs: 9.5x14.5×0.3″ (24x37x0.7cm)

*Light scratches on the acrylic surface is not considered as damages

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4 PCs, 5 PCs, 6 PCs, 7 PCs, 8 PCs, 9 PCs, 10 PCs

[Pre-order] Photocard Acrylic Clear Frame

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