Planet Waves PW-CP-02 NS Capo


Planet Waves PW-CP-02 NS Capo


Planet Waves PW-CP-02 NS Capo

The Planet Waves NS Capo solves the problems many guitarists face when working with a capo: string buzzing, and out-of-tune performances. The NS Capo employs an ultra-light design so you can quickly and accurately position it on your guitar’s neck. Though, the key to the Planet Waves NS Capo’s success is in its smooth, tactile dial – once tightened, it applies even pressure for buzz-free, in-tune performances at every fret. Designed for both 6- and 12-string guitars.

Enjoy in-tune and buzz-free performances

There’s nothing worse than fretting with a capo and hearing string-buzz every time you play a chord. What’s more, even if you find a capo that doesn’t cause buzzing, many pull the strings slightly sideways when they clasp onto your guitar, causing some – or all – of the strings to come out of tune. The NS Capo was designed to solve these problems. When you tighten its dial, the NS Capo applies the perfect amount of even pressure on each string. The end result? No more buzzing, and perfect intonation at every fret.

Quickly change frets with one hand

Of course, when you’re playing with a capo, not only do you want great sound – you also need the ability to change frets quickly. You get both with the Planet Waves NS Capo. Its aerospace-grade aluminum design, complete with smooth, fast-moving dial, makes it easy to switch frets with just one hand.

Planet Waves NS Capo Features: 

  • Ultra-light aerospace grade aluminum
  • One hand operation
  • Fast micrometer screw for buzz-free, in-tune performance
  • A patent-pending Ned Steinberger design
  • Designed for 6- or 12-string guitars.

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Black, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Grey, Silver

Planet Waves PW-CP-02 NS Capo

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